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Woodchips Request

We are so happy that you would like a load of woodchips and are glad to deliver it to you! Lets go over a few quick things to ensure a happy and successful delivery.



After you have filled out the woodchip request form, your information will go on our list. Whenever we are in the area and need to dump a load of woodchips, we will call you and make sure you are ready for them. 



To make this option possible, we must rid the truck of all woodchips in one dump. That means you are getting up to 32 cubic yards of woodchips!  



The woodchips being delivered are not the pretty black, brown, or red bags you find at your local nursery. These are raw chips with tiny fragments of leaves and sticks in the mix.



To accommodate our tall and heavy truck, we need to make sure the space you want your woodchips is level, firm, and clear of branches or power lines. This also pertains to any travel on your property that is required to reach the dump site.


If this all sounds good to you, simply fill out your information below, and we will get you on the list! Thank you for considering 9 Oak Tree Service!

Woodchips Request

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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