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9 Oak Tree Service

Equipment Photos

Check out all of our equipment (3).png

We have the right equipment (4).png

9 Oak Chipper & Dump Truck (5).png

We can reach the tree-tops. (6).png

Assessing a job site beside the chipper (7).png

Lift in action for precision work (8).png

The crane can handle the big tree jobs (9).png

Can you tell? We use our lift all the time! (10).png

Up and away with the lift! (11).png

We can protect your lawn with our specialty bobcat mats! (12).png

Bobcat for the heavy Work (13).png (14).png

Our 9 Oak Crew & the Gear. How can we help? (15).png

Our lift can fit through tight spaces! (16).png

Our Crew with the chipper rig and mini-loader

Chipper (17).png

Our chipper is a beast. (18).png

Chipper & Chipper Truck. (19).png

Our Lift for Tight Spaces

Lifts (20).png

Mini-loader for fast cleanup.

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